Roodewal Bush Lodge

Kruger National Park.
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Roodewal Bush Lodge

Kruger National Park.
from R760per night
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Roodewal Bush Lodge, SOUTH AFRICA

There are 5 units in the camp with 2 bedrooms each. Both of the bedrooms have 2 single beds and a ceiling fan to keep the heat away.

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Guest Cottages

Roodewal Bush Lodge, SOUTH AFRICA

There are two types of guest cottages available. The first set of cottages are 2 bedroom units. Each bedroom has ceiling fans.

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A Guide to Roodewal Bush Lodge


The spectacular Roodewal Bush Lodge is located close to the Letaba River, making it one of the parks best camps from which to spot animals. This modern bushcamp is in the middle of elephant and buffalo territory, situated well past the halfway mark in the Kruger. The camp is settled between isolated hills in the west and the beautiful Lebombo Mountains in the east. The surrounding areas are also rich in pre-historic history.

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A Guide to Roodewal Bush Lodge

With a heavenly canopy of stars at night and a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature, which is dominated by Jackalberry and Natal Mahogany Trees, Roodewal Bush Lodge is a picturesque Kruger escape. The camp has been designed in such a way that guests will enjoy ultimate privacy. This makes the camp ideal for intimate celebrations, corporate getaways, and small wedding parties. The entire camp can be booked by the party, and each sleeping unit is spaced well apart from the others.

The camp has no facilities for shopping, and guests will need to either plan ahead and stock up on supplies or visit nearby Satara or Olifants.

The camp is roughly 44km north of Satara and it is situated on the banks of the Timbavati River. The camp is managed by Satara Rest Camp.

About Roodewal Bush Lodge

With its intimate accommodation and its stunning views, Roodewal Bush Lodge is the perfect place for families and groups of friends wanting a private Kruger National Park experience. The lodge is excluded from the other guests staying in the park. The camp is capable of accommodating up to 18 people at a time in its luxury lodgings. The camp has to be reserved en bloc, which is part of what gives the camp its private atmosphere.

The camp’s name comes from the beautiful dolerite dyke that is located in this part of the Kruger. Sometimes, this ridge is reminiscent of a massive wall of stones and intertwining vegetation that could have once stood here.

Roodewal’s location on the banks of the Timbavati River gives guests the most excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. The river itself is one of the Kruger’s great attractions as countless animals frequent this part of the park for water.

Guests can book game drives, night drives and guided bush walks but other than that the camp has no facilities. Guests will need to visit Olifants or Satara to stock up on food, to do any basic shopping, or to fill up their vehicles.

Camp Accommodation

Roodewal Bush Lodge is a luxury retreat, and as mentioned it sleeps 18 people and needs to be completely booked out even if you don’t have a full party. The lodge has multiple rooms and bathrooms, and it has been designed to have a truly rustic atmosphere.


The lodge has 4 standalone cottages with a total of 18 beds. All of the cottages have 2 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms with a shower and a toilet.

Cottage 1 has three beds in each bedroom while cottages 2, 3 and 4 each have 2 beds per bedroom. The cottages also have their own kitchen with an enclosed veranda, a lounge and a braai stand.

The lodge has its own communal kitchen and communal dining area. The camp makes use of a solar power system, gas geyser and gas stove. It doesn’t have air-conditioning but it does have fans.

Other Helpful Camp Information

When planning to spend a few days in the Kruger National Park, you can use this must-know information.

The Kruger is a conservation effort which means the animals come first. Although most camps in the park are properly secured, there is always a chance that animals of all shapes and sizes get into the camps. Generally, smaller animals won’t be an issue, and it is actually quite exciting to see antelope eating grass right outside your front door. The problem is that sometimes bigger, more dangerous animals find their way in. Should this happen, it is important that you don’t approach the animal or try to feed it. Park officials will remove the animal from the camp should it be a problem.

Animals in the camps are a very rare occurrence. Spiders, snakes and scorpions, however, are a far more common camp visitor and they can leave quite a painful bite should they be accidentally touched or stepped on. It is important to always wear shoes when walking around the camp, and at night you should always carry a torch to light your way.

The other possible issue that you need to be aware of is Malaria. This is an illness that is transmitted by the mosquito and the Kruger National Park is right in the middle of a malaria area. If you should contract Malaria and leave it untreated, you could end up very sick, and even though many advancements in medicine have been made, Malaria can still be deadly. Insect repellent is one way to keep mosquitos away but the best way to avoid getting Malaria would be to get preventative medication which can be supplied by your doctor.

Thinking about the time of year you visit the park is another thing to consider. The summers can be intensely hot and humid, and the days will generally end with a heavy thunderstorm, while the winters can be quite chilly and dry, which means fewer animal sightings. Spring and autumn are the two best times of year to take a trip to the park. Be sure that you pack the right clothing for the time of year you intend to visit


Roodewal Bush Lodge Gate Times

As camp times remain the same throughout the park, it is important to take note of when the camps will open and close.

The gate times for Roodewal are as follows:

  • January to March: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm
  • April to September: Camp gates open at 06:00 am and close at 06:00 pm
  • October: Camp gates open at 05:30 am and close at 06:00 pm
  • November to December: Camp gates open at 04:30 am and close at 06:30 pm

Knowing the camp times will help you plan your safaris as well as your trips to the nearby rest camps should you need to stock up on something.

Camp Flora and Fauna

Guests enjoying the utter privacy at Roodewal Bush Lodge can enjoy looking at all kinds of plant and animal life while in the area. Plants include aloe, euphorbias (which are small shrub-like plants) and seringa trees.

Some of the animals and birds that can be spotted here include lion, elephant, nyala, night egret and martial eagle.

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